2007 11th Annual Water Assembly

Growth, Ecology and Traditions:
Not Enough Water for All

To Close the Gap, What Will You Give Up?

9:00     Welcome and Introductions link to presentation
Ed Payne, Water Assembly President

9:10     Setting the Stage - The Problem, the Plan, and the Gaps link to presentation Elaine Hebard, Water Assembly Volunteer

9:30     Additional Resource Stresses Since the Regional Water Plan
due to the file size, this panel transcripition was split into tow section , A & B

Link to Section A presentations

Limited Available Water Rights,
Lynn Montgomery, Mayordomo, Acequia de la Rosa Castilla

Integrating Land / Water Use,
Gabriel Nims, Executive Director, 1000 Friends of NM

Global Warming & Water Supply
Elaine Hebard, presenting information

Endangered Species Act & Flow Issues,
Janet Jarratt, member of ESA Collaborative Program

Link to Section B presentations

New Urban Demands,
Guy Bralley, Water Specialist, Sandoval County

Desalination Issues,  
Rich Kottenstette, Sandia Laboratories

Water Quality Standards,   link to presentation
Michael Jensen, Amigos Bravos

10:45   Break

11:00   We Can’t Do It All !, Discussion: Future Task Areas, link tto handout and results

Questions and Additions to Potential Task Areas,

Selecting the Focus for the Year – Voting on Task Areas,

11:30   Government Perspectives

Tom Turney, former State Engineer, link to presentation
Our Priority System -- Will it work to manage the waters of the State?  Lessons from Spain

11:45   Elect Advocacy Directors to the Water Assembly Board,   link to results

12:00   Lunch

Pueblo Perspective,   link to presentation
Everett Chavez, former Governor of Santo Domingo Pueblo

1:00     We Can’t Have It All! What Can We Do Without?,  link to presentation

1:00             Introduction – Previous Public Opinion Surveys,
John Brown, Water Assembly Volunteer

1:10  Keeping it Real - Bounding the Discussion,
Frank Titus, geohydrologist

1:20  Viewpoint Panel:  Growth, Ecology and Traditions,
Growth:  Michelle Henrie
Environmental:  Steve Harris
Residential:  Jean Witherspoon
Agricultural:  Janet Jarratt
Cultural: Peter Pino

2:00     Plenary Discussion link to Facilitor's notes

Now, What Can We Do Without?
Getting Real With the Shortfall

2:45     Themes and Outcomes

3:00     Adjourn

Assembly Flyer (pdf 193 kb)



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