Other Water-Related Resources

The 2004 S.S. Papadopolous Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study

H2O Footprint Calculator

Role of MRG Water Master presentation by Gary Stansifer, OSE

WRRI Water Supply-Demand Evaluation presentation by John Stomp, ABCWUA

Land and water connection presentation by Lora Lucero

Candidate Survey on Water Issues report by John Brown

Press release from Kevin Bean for the Candidate Survey on Water Issues

Water Conservation Throughout the Home, link provided by Jessica, who used WA References

Clean Water Act, link from student, Ava Gray, who used WA References

Angie’s List article on Outdoor Water Conservation, link from from Angela Thomas of My Cozy Garden Club

Climate Assessment for the Southwest - In CLIMAS under Climate Outlooks, click current month;  then click New Mexico Reservoirs to getCurrent Reservoir Storage (buckets) for New Mexico

The Impact of Climate Change on New Mexico's Water Supply and Ability to Manage Water Resources, published by the Office of State Engineer



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