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Advocacy Projects

Engaged members of the Water Advocates are working with federal, state, and local water agencies to encourage and support them to address the gaps between current uses of water and the long-term water supply.    The Middle Rio Grande region, from the Otowi Bridge on the road to Los Alamos to Elephant Butte Dam is the Water Advocates focus area.  Additionally, the Water Advocates are actively encouraging improved state water planning and regional water planning throughout New Mexico.

The Water Advocates are focusing on three major projects.  They are:

(1) Rio Grande New Mexico Basin Study

(2) Making Water Planning Effective

(3) MRG Water/Agency Annual Report Card.

  • The federal basin study is underway.
  • State and regional water planning have not been effective.  Currently, little meaningful water planning work is underway.  There are no plans to plan but the Governor in 2017 said that a 50-year state water plan was one of her policy priorities.
  • The Middle Rio Grande annual water report card is a planned project of the Water Advocates.

The Water Advocates are seeking volunteers who can participate effectively in the projects and make positive changes in water governance.