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Map of the Middle Rio Grande (Otowi to Elephant Butte Dam)


Board Meetings

Previous Board Meetings

Annual Conferences, Convocations and Assemblies and Informational Forums

Presentations at those sessions


On May 25, 2022, the Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates Board of Directors adopted a statement of Water Policy Vision, Plain Truths, and Commitments as its advocacy platform.


MRG Regional Water Plans

The 2004 Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Plan

Presentation for ISC’s acceptance of the 2004 RWP

The Water Assembly's 1999 Middle Rio Grande Water Budget document

S. S. Papadopolous' 2004 Middle Rio Grande Water Budget drawing

Engineering analyses of water planning alternative actions by D. B. Stephens and Associates

The 2017 MRG Regional Water Plan

State Water Plans

The 2003 State Water Plan

The 2018 State Water Plan

MRGWA synopsis comments on the 2018 State Water Plan

MRGWA detailed comments on the 2018 State Water Plan


New Mexico Rio Grande Basin Study

The USBR’s WaterSMART program

Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Act Collaborative Program


2017 House Memorial 1

Making the Case for Change

2019 SB560  Water Planning (not passed)

2019 SB558  MRG Water Management (not passed)

2019 HB187  Water Code Study (not passed)

2019 Healthy Soil Act

2019 Water Data Act


The Water Advocates' predecessor organization, the Middle Rio Grande Water Assembly, led the MRG Regional Water Planning from 1997 to 2004 and pursued its implementation of that Plan from then to 2017.  In the two decade process, they developed an extensive archive of MRG-related and other water information and placed it on their website.  You can find that information at WaterAssembly.org.

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