Advocacy Project:

Agency/Water Report Card

There are several major agencies with responsibilities that affect the quantities of available supply of water in the Middle Rio Grande.  The Water Advocates intend (after acquisition of funding) to monitor and report on how well these agencies carry out their roles in an effective and properly coordinated fashion.

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Description of the Advocacy Project

Agency/Water Report Card

Water governance in the Middle Rio Grande is fragmented, with gaps.  For example, no government agency reports publicly on the amounts of water provided by major Middle Rio Grande water purveyors or the effectiveness of their water management programs as compared to others or accepted benchmarks.  Neither is any public attention given to whether or not the Middle Rio Grande as a whole is using more or less water than the applicable legal limits.

The Water Advocates want to help citizens of the Middle Rio Grande understand and engage in decision-making that will affect and determine the future of our shared water supply and of our Middle Valley homes.   Preparation and publication of an annual water quantity report card for the Middle Rio Grande is one of three initial Water Advocates projects intended to provide important information in context and motivate wider civic engagement and support to keep our shared water future secure.

The annual report card will compile and present information from official government files to describe and contrast specific water uses within the Middle Rio Grande Basin.  It will also assess the performance of important individual water agencies and the gaps between agencies that are receiving insufficient attention.

We intend to consider agencies that have major influence on the Middle Rio Grande water use and supply.  They will include purveyors of water (MRGCD, ABCWUA, RRU), regulators (OSE, NMISC), and river managers (USBoR, USACoE)

Grant funding will be sought and secured to carry out this project.