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The Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates' purpose is to advocate for a sustainable, resilient water future for the Middle Rio Grande by demanding equitable and effective water management and planning consistent with the best available science and applicable laws.

A Call for civic engagement to participate and influence decisions that affect our water supply.

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Draft Plan of Study Released for Comment

By Executive Committee | March 4, 2021

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has released for comment a draft Plan of Study for the Rio Grande New Mexico Basin Study, Lobatos Gage to Elephant Butte Dam. The draft addresses in some detail how and with whom the three year study program will be conducted. The Rio Grande Basin Study: Lobatos Gage to Elephant Butte…

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Water Advocates–Outreach to ISC Re: Water Planning

By Executive Committee | February 18, 2021

Water Advocates comment publicly regarding the NM Interstate Stream Commission’s water planning study session. The comments identify essential elements of a meaningful NM water planning process.

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Pursuing Water Equity for Underserved Communities

By Theresa Cardenas | February 10, 2021

Pursuing water equity is a moral project. Addressing water equity is often absent from conversations about the sustainability of our water resources. It is unfortunate not all of the important issues facing water challenges revolve around water quality. There is broad consensus that equity refers to just and fair inclusion–a condition in which everyone has the opportunity to participate and prosper.

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A Small Farm Future

By Lynn Montgomery | February 8, 2021

Introduction As the din of calls to deal with all the profound crises—social, cultural, economic, and environmental—finally start to dominate the political discourse it might serve us well to start to build a coherent vision of where this is going to end up. Author and farmer Chris Smaje has given us a comprehensive guide to…

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Opportunity Knocked. Will We Open the Door?

By Bob Wessely | January 16, 2021

At the New Mexico Water Dialogue’s annual statewide meeting (January 13-14, 2021) the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) launched the process to develop a Fifty-Year Water Plan for New Mexico.  The plan presents a new opportunity to really face up to and address New Mexico’s scarcity of water issues in each unique hydrologic region. …

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Rio Grande Basin Study is Moving Forward

By Executive Committee | December 5, 2020

The Rio Grande Basin Study is beginning to feel more tangible. Over sixty people attended Reclamation’s quarterly “All Partners” meeting held Dec. 4. After a presentation on in-progress climate assessment research and a coming agricultural adaptation workshop, the discussion focused on the detailed draft plan for the three-year …

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