New Mexico is faced with, but has not faced up to
current and future water resource limitations

New Mexicans' current and future water supplies are at risk

New Mexican voters from across the state are concerned about water resources.

New polling shows seventy-five percent of likely voters agree we need to act now to ensure that future generations have an adequate water supply.

The Water Advocates are focused on our need to adapt to our arid future.  New Mexicans need to plan how we and future generations can best adapt to a more arid future.  Toward this end, we have adopted an Advocacy Platform.

We advocate for evidence-based, robust regional water planning to show what we must do, region by region, to improve regional water supply and water users resilience.  We see the increasing aridity. We know what is coming.   What will we do to adapt?

The strategically important actions presented and discussed at the Water Advocates January 2022 conference are combined as a new Water Advocates Project: 2022-2023 Strategic Water Initiative.

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Introductory Report on Task Force Recommendations

By Executive Committee | November 4, 2022

The State Engineer, as directed by the Governor, convened a Water Task Force to provide water policy recommendations. This post reports on the Water Advocates Nov. 3rd webinar that introduced the Water Task Force’s substantive set of recommendations that are…

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By Executive Committee | September 28, 2022

The Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (MRGWA) is an all-volunteer 501c3 water resources policy advocacy non-profit. We were incorporated in 1998 as the MRG Water Assembly to lead the preparation of the 2004 Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Plan.  Our mission today remains the same: to balance water use with the renewable supply. We bring…

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New Mexico Can’t Afford to Ignore the Compact

By Executive Committee | August 10, 2022

Failure to immediately control MRG water users and stop the roll toward violation of the Rio Grande Compact would, at best, represent gross negligence on the part of New Mexico’s Executive and Legislative Branches.

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Legislators Seek and Receive Advice about Water Troubles

By Executive Committee | August 2, 2022

The legislature’s Water and Natural Resources Committee conducted its only water-focused meeting this year July 25-26 at Sandia Pueblo. Legislators heard from expert panels on topics selected by …

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New Mexico Water Governance Reform is Essential to Increase Water Sustainability and Reduce Future Water Insecurity

By Executive Committee | August 1, 2022

New Mexico’s existing water governance is not working and is wrong for the 21st century.

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Water Platform Released

By Executive Committee | July 12, 2022

Vision: New Mexico will equitably and effectively adapt to climate change and to sustain what we value: our diverse cultures, our people and economy, food production, and riverine and riparian ecosystems.

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