Our Land’s Laura Paskus is a remarkable journalist with a unique New Mexico talent for telling its environmental and water stories. Laura interviewed Adrian Ogelsby, Director of the Utton Center at the UNM School of Law, Hannah Riseley-White, New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission Director, Jason Casuga, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District CEO, and Norm Gaume, President, Water Advocates, in 2023, regarding the Rio Grande and New Mexico groundwater.

Click on the names above to view the video recordings at newmexicopbs.org

Listen to Laura's questions and their responses to learn about the state’s water challenges, the importance of interstate river compacts, the possibilities of protecting water for rivers and future generations of New Mexicans, and how people can become involved in water planning. 

Sen. Carrie Hamblen on the New Mexico Legislature and Water Advocacy

3/24/24 President's note: After hearing the Conservation Voters of New Mexico's reasons for selecting New Mexico State Senator Carrie Hamblen, D-Dona Ana for their top Luminaria Award for her climate and energy policy leadership and listening to the senator's acceptance speech, I invited her while she was still at the event to be the featured guest for a Water Advocates 3rd Thursday evening workshop and speaker series. She readily agreed.

I traveled to Las Cruces to interview her for our March workshop.  Sen. Hamblen knew we Water Advocates were seeking advice regarding how to get the legislature to recognize worsening water scarcity as New Mexico's most fundamental, existential problems.

Her insight and observations and motivation for public service impressed and humbled me. Her advice and observations demonstrate what the Fulbright Scholars concluded last year. "Research continues to find problems and propose solutions that don’t reach the people." The legislators are volunteer citizens, unpaid, without staff and their own interests.  They are the people that the research does not reach."

Senator Hamblen gave us valuable insights into what we citizens and state water agencies must do this interim, and who is most important to talk to: the appropriation committee members. I'll have much more on this soon, In our forthcoming April 2024 News.

The interview audio recording with audience questions and answers is available for download here.  The video version is available here


Interactive workshops are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month (except December) at 6:30pm.

From the President’s Desk: Water Policy Progress and Tipping Points

By Norm Gaume | April 10, 2024

On April 9, 2024, I witnessed a significant step forward in local government’s approach to water policies crucial for New Mexico’s future. Bernalillo County elected officials and staff have clearly acknowledged in a draft high-level plan that water poses a constraint. This marks the first official acknowledgment of hydrologic reality in Bernalillo County in a long time.

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Los Lunas – Niagara Bottled Water

By Valencia Water Watchers | April 3, 2024

NM Acequia Association came bringing signs that read, “Agua es Vida”  and brightly painted shovels painted with the patron saint of the acequias, San Ysidro, which they bring out when there are times of drought. Dabi Garcia said, “This is a time when our community is under threat.” He then sang a traditional acequia song, keeping the beat on the shovel handle.

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What is Interactional Capacity

By Mori Hensley | April 1, 2024

Of course, we don’t often have the luxury of such abundance, but that connection—and potential for deepening connection—remains even at the driest of times. As I have entered the New Mexico “water world” as a young professional, I have been comforted and inspired by the deep and natural reverence New Mexicans have for water.

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Millions of Dollars Available for New Mexico Water System Improvement Projects

By Executive Council | March 7, 2024

Does your water system need improvement? Repairs, expansion, regionalization, storage, treatment to remove contaminants, new pipes, replacement of lead? Millions of dollars in loans, at low interest and the potential to have most or all of the principal forgiven. Read this guest post from the New Mexico Environment Department.

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Spending on an Unstrategic Badwater Not-Much-of-a-Supply

By Norm Gaume | March 6, 2024

The so-called strategic water supply is the opposite, like “produced water” as a name for toxic oil field waste. It is not beginning with the end in mind. It is not putting first things first. It is not informed by facts and science. It is unvetted. It is wrong.

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From the President’s Desk: Sweetwater

By Norm Gaume | March 6, 2024

The sweet waters of New Mexico are necessary for all life in our beloved state, in all our home places, our querencias. An acerbic senior ISC water engineer told me 25 years ago that we know where New Mexico’s water is.  It is where we live, irrigate, water livestock, hunt and fish, and enjoy our heritage.  He didn’t need to say “sweetwater”.  

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Water Advocates Vision

We envision a balanced water future for New Mexico in which we equitably adapt to climate change and are stewards of our water, thereby preserving our diverse cultures, economy, food production, and natural ecosystems.

We envision that after the 2025 legislative session makes major progress in improving New Mexico's water governance policy and appropriations, we will recognize the 2023 Legislature's unanimous approval of the Water Security Planning Act SB337 (2023), authorizing the new statewide water resilience planning program, as the tipping point leading to accelerating and successful adaptation to life in New Mexico with less water.

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