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We deserve to know how much irreplaceable groundwater is left across our state, and how fast we are depleting it. As we face increasing aridity, less surface water, and more groundwater use, better groundwater data is crucial.

The pending Governor's budget proposal to the Legislature, still confidential, likely will not include funds to address strong technical recommendations for installing wells to better understand distinct groundwater resources across New Mexico, and monitor groundwater levels and trends.  Advocacy is need to persuade the Legislature to fund this first-things-first water governance priority.


Our Land’s Laura Paskus spoke with New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission Director Hannah Riseley-White about the state’s water challenges, the importance of interstate river compacts, the possibilities of protecting water for rivers, and how people can become involved in water planning. Listen to the recording here. Land is a local public television program presented by NMPBS. 


How Will New Mexico Adapt to Increasing Water Scarcity? - Why the 2023 Water Security Planning Act Will Work. The Water Advocates are co-sponsoring the New Mexico Water Dialogue's 29th Annual Statewide Meeting on January 11, 2024.  Click here for more information and access to registration.


Water Policy and Infrastructure Task Force - Progress and Priorities. Mike Hamman, State Engineer, Hannah Riseley-White, ISC Director, and Patrick McCarthy, Thornburg Foundation Water Policy Officer and NM Water Ambassador, updated the Legislature’s interim Water and Natural Resources Committee on July 11. See OSE/ISC slides and the Water Ambassador slides.   Stacy Timmons, Assoc. Director, NM Bureau of Geology, updated the committee regarding the legislators’ 2023 water education program funded by the 2023 Legislature. See the Water Education Program slides.


Monthly Interactive Workshops and Speakers

Join us on November 16 at 6:30pm for an informative interactive discussion of water-related legislative needs for the 2024 budget. 

Interactive workshops are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month (except December) at 6:30pm.

Think Water - Act Now
Think Water - Act Now

From the President’s Desk

By Norm Gaume | November 2, 2023

My first day of November began with a reflective walk along the Rio Grande. From one day to the next, the river had transformed from a trickle to a surge.

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To Thrive in a Climate-Challenged World, New Mexicans Should Govern Water as a Commons

By John Brown | November 1, 2023

by John R. Brown This essay argues for an alternative to a mechanistic application of “priority administration” to allocate the “waters of New Mexico.” The 2023 Water Security Planning Act (WSP) provides flexibility at local and regional levels to move water and share shortages more democratically and intentionally. It allows us to think anew about…

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Water Planning: Shadows of our Future Ancestors

By Laurie McCann | October 30, 2023

by Laurie McCann “From its first rock in the sky to its last embrace by the estuary at the sea, the river has been surrounded by forces and elements constantly moving and dynamic, interacting to produce its life and character. It has taken ocean and sky; the bearing of winds and the vagary of temperature;…

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Progress Is Accelerating. Think Water – Act Now.

By Executive Council | October 30, 2023

At this juncture, New Mexico and the Middle Rio Grande stand on the precipice, necessitating unified, swift action to combat looming water challenges. With the legal framework now in place, we must now establish collaborative regional water security planning councils across New Mexico.

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The Urgent State of the Rio Grande

By Norm Gaume | October 3, 2023

Water is Life! Our fight against escalating water consumption and the impending scarcity demands unified, concerted efforts from all sectors and communities. It is essential to align on the objective of water conservation and embark on sustainable practices immediately. The onus is not on the State alone; it’s a collective responsibility to ensure the preservation and sustainability of water resources for the generations to follow. 

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From the President’s Desk

By Norm Gaume | October 2, 2023

September was a pivotal month in advancing equitable adaptation to escalating water scarcity within the Middle Rio Grande. Please follow our work and attend our October and November events.

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Water Advocates Vision

We envision a balanced water future for New Mexico in which we equitably adapt to climate change and are stewards of our water, thereby preserving our diverse cultures, economy, food production, and natural ecosystems.

We envision that after the 2025 legislative session makes major progress in improving New Mexico's water governance policy and appropriations, we will recognize the 2023 Legislature's unanimous approval of the Water Security Planning Act SB337 (2023), authorizing the new statewide water resilience planning program, as the tipping point leading to accelerating and successful adaptation to life in New Mexico with less water.

Click here for more information on the Water Advocates vision, mission, strategies, and theory of change.  

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