Think Water - Act Now!

New Mexico Must Face Increasing Aridity

New Mexican's Water Supplies are at Risk

Think Water - Act Now
Think Water - Act Now

SB337 Water Security Planning Act Passes!

The bill, as passed, is a huge step forward.  It passed the Senate, the House, and three committees, with unanimous votes at each step.

This new regional water planning bill was intended to help New Mexican's prepare for increased water scarcity due to climate change impacts on our water that are already baked-in.  With passage and the Governor's signature, it will soon be state law.  

We understand the essential purposes of water planning.  We now have the state law authorization to plan for the 21st century, including the needs of future generations.  We have much work to do.  

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2022 Water Task Force Report

Every New Mexican concerned about water should review the Executive Summary.  Click here for the final report.  Click here for a two-page graphic summary.  Click here for the task force report transmittal letter to the Governor.

New Mexico's Water Future

The video recordings of three panel discussions, held Nov 29, Dec 8, and Jan 11, are posted here

Rio Grande Environmental Impact Statement Underway

The Bureau of Reclamation is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a Rio Grande channel project from the Bosque del Apache southern boundary downstream to the water behind Elephant Butte Dam. To be added to the EIS mailing list please email Lawrence E Moore or Scott W. Hebner.

Water Advocates Vision

We envision a balanced water future for New Mexico, in which we equitably adapt to climate change and are stewards of our water, thereby preserving our diverse cultures, economy, food production, and our watersheds, rivers, aquifers, and riparian ecosystems.

Click here to view the Water Advocates' vision, mission, plain truths, and commitments.

The Water Advocates' Theory of Change
The Water Advocates' Theory of Change

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