NM Legislation H2O Report Card Now Live!

Attention ALL WATER ALLIES!!! We are excited to announce a new non-partisan grassroots website that is tracking water planning funding and legislation in New Mexico! H2OREPORTCARDNMGOV.COM The website serves as a “report card” for the 2024 Legislature on funding water projects identified as priorities by the New Mexico Water Ambassadors, formerly the 2022 Governors Water…

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From the President’s Desk: State Government Neglect of Water Must Stop Now

To prevent population evaporation, it is vital that the state fund serious adaptation measures to cope with reduced water availability. This is not a temporary drought but a permanent increase in aridity. The State of New Mexico has the power and resources to initiate required strategic changes. We know the path forward. We urge you to communicate this to the Governor and the Legislature. Do what Water requires. Do it Now.

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Commentary: Surviving a drought

Drought – nature’s reminder that water does not grow on trees.

Drought is the time when some form of government advice or regulation prescribes that we collectively choose to reduce our uses of water, usually because of some form of government advice or regulation. It is the time when

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Why Should You Plan for Water?

People at round tables in discussion

Who gets water when there isn’t enough? At a simplified level, the current “Priority Administration” regulations, if enforced when there isn’t enough water, would provide water to Nations/Tribes/Pueblos and other senior irrigators first, leaving very thirsty cities and towns. And with desperately thirsty cities and towns, the New Mexico economy would wither, taking down

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Water Rights … and Water Wrongs

While the rules about them are extremely complicated, “water rights” are simply your permission slip from the State to use water, if you can find it (often a big “if”).  ll too often people conflate paper water and wet water. The results can be seriously misleading or worse. 

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The Urgent State of the Rio Grande

Water is Life! Our fight against escalating water consumption and the impending scarcity demands unified, concerted efforts from all sectors and communities. It is essential to align on the objective of water conservation and embark on sustainable practices immediately. The onus is not on the State alone; it’s a collective responsibility to ensure the preservation and sustainability of water resources for the generations to follow. 

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