Webinar – A Climate Crisis on the Rio Grande

Green Latinos is holding a webinar about “A Climate Crisis on the Rio Grande” on Thursday, November 19 at 5:30 pm MST. The Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates are a co-sponsor.

Come join the Conversation: How will our climate crisis and megadrought impact the river and its people? How do we work together to ensure equitable access to water and for nature? Learn about the laws around this precious resource, the compact, how climate change is impacting drought and the impacts it has and will have in our Latinx communities. Click here to register

Mariana Del Valle Prieto Cervantes (Clean and Healthy Water Advocate, Green Latinos)

Theresa Cardenas (President, Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates)

Featured Speakers:
Norm Gaume (Vice President, Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates)
Ean Tafoya (Green Latinos’ Colorado Field Advocate)
Paula Garcia (Executive Director, New Mexico Acequia Association)
Tricia Cortez (Executive Director, Rio Grande International Study)
Gabe Vasquez (Councilor, La Cruces District)
Rebecca Sobel (Senior Climate and Energy Campaigner, Wild Earth Guardians).