Water Platform Released

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The Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates released its policy action platform to secure New Mexico’s water future.  The platform includes a water policy vision, plain truths, and commitments. This non-partisan advocacy position will guide the Water Advocates’ outreach work to the legislature, to state and local agencies and to the general public. The platform’s vision statement is:

“New Mexico will equitably and effectively adapt to climate change and to sustain what we value: our diverse cultures, our people and economy, food production, and riverine and riparian ecosystems. New Mexicans will act now to secure New Mexico’s water future. The Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates will support equitable, evidence-based, water planning, management, and stewardship.”

In announcing the platform, the Water Advocates president, Norm Gaume, said,

“The water policy platform is about adapting to substantially less water.  It affirms important plain truths and makes commitments.  

New Mexico must get started.  The 2023 Legislature should consider bills to:

  • focus, modernize, and improve New Mexico’s water governance,
  • establish effective state, regional and community water planning,
  • create a substantial capital fund for water projects, and
  • ensure compliance with New Mexico’s interstate compact obligations.”

Click here to see the entire two-page 2022 Water Policy Platform.  

All regions of New Mexico will be severely impacted by drawdown/dewatering of aquifers and reductions in surface water supplies.  It is better to improve water supply resilience through better and more equitable water policy, planning, and administration than be thrown under the bus.   

The Advocates are seeking allies to get their message out far and wide to all corners of the diverse state.  Contact at info@MRGWaterAdvocates.org for further information or to participate/contribute to the effort.