Think Water - Act Now!
Rally Around the Roundhouse

January 26, 2023


The Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates and allies Rally at the Roundhouse -- Think Water - Act Now! -- on Thursday, Jan. 26 were joined by more than 40 people and we really made our presence known, with our banner, many homemade posters, a lot of chanting, a bit of singing, and by reaching out to Legislators we recognized as they walked from and to at lunch, urging their support for such bills as SB1 and our forthcoming Water Security Planning Act (WSPA).

MRGWA Board member Marcia Fernandez, the inspiring voice to have the rally and a primary rally organizer, said, "Thank you! It was a good day. We threw some pebbles in the water and need to stand back and see what the ripples bring."

Two of our Rally members, Ann McCartney and Sister Joan Brown, took a break from making noise and made the rounds inside to drop off the talking points flyer for the WSPA to all the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee and other targeted Reps and Senators.  MRGWA President Norm Gaume had a visit with WSPA Sponsor Senator Liz Stefanics and she informed she's trying to get the Governor's approval to make the bill an "Agency Bill".

Click here for a three-minute video with selected parts of the Rally.



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