Water Data 101 Guidebook

Internet of Water has published Data 101 as a guidebook for water data users and decision makers.

Around the globe and here in the United States, water challenges are mounting. As climate change, population growth, and other drivers of water stress increase, decision makers at every level of society—from governors, to reservoir operators, to city planners, to industry, to businesses, to individuals in their own kitchens—need answers to critical questions about water. Do the people in my state have access to clean, affordable water? How many days of water does my city have? How much can my city grow without straining water resources? Is there enough water to grow my business? Is the water in my home safe to drink?

The mission of the Internet of Water (IoW) is to promote and support efforts to improve our nation’s water data infrastructure. An important part of this mission is the development of critical, but often missing, technical tools. But also essential to the IoW mission is to address the knowledge gap that exists between traditional and modern data management practices. This guidebook provides foundational knowledge about water data infrastructure in clear and non-technical language. A background in data science or information technologies is not needed.

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