NM Legislation H2O Report Card Now Live!


We are excited to announce a new non-partisan grassroots website that is tracking water planning funding and legislation in New Mexico!


The website serves as a “report card” for the 2024 Legislature on funding water projects identified as priorities by the New Mexico Water Ambassadors, formerly the 2022 Governors Water Task Force.

  • See which water projects have been funded and by how much
  • Track funding from the Governor’s budget, the Legislative Finance Committee’s budget, House Bill 2 (the main budget bill for FY2025)
  • Track revisions from the Senate and see the Final Legislative Budget and the Final Governor’s Budget
  • Know exactly where we stand funding water agencies and projects

Initiated by the Water Advocates and intended for collaborative ownership as a public service to track water planning in New Mexico for the next decade, this website will serve as a tool for all water allies to hold our government accountable for the work that is needed to create a resilient and sustainable water future for New Mexico.

2024 is a critical year after the unanimous passage of the Water Security Planning Act last year. We need the legislature to fund water now to address New Mexico’s water crisis! If you haven’t already, now is the time to take action!

Please sign up for email updates at the bottom of the new website to stay informed about whether or not the 2024 Legislature is making water a priority. Please note this is a different subscriber list than the Water Advocates; sign up to let us know your interest in staying informed about water planning funding.