Analysis Reports on Possible Remedial Actions

D.B. Stephens and Associates – 2003

The Middle Rio Grande Region (Sandoval, Bernalillo, and Valencia Counties) performed a seven-year, $3 million water planning process involving multiple agencies, hundreds of public meetings and agency briefings, and over 2000 individuals from the region.

The process culminated in the 2004 MRG Regional Water Plan.  During the planning process a few hundred potential alternative actions were proposed and considered, which were eventually boiled down into 43 recommendations.

The lead water planning entities were the Middle Rio Grande Water Assembly (now MRG Water Advocates) and the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments (now Mid-Region Council of Governments).  They contracted with the engineering firm D. B. Stephens and Associates to perform analyses of selected alternative actions that had been proposed.

The set of alternatives chosen for analysis was limited because of cost constraints.  The analyses of each alternative included evaluations of Technical and Physical Feasibility, Economics, Legal Issues, and Social and Cultural Implications.

This webpage presents the DBS&A reports.  While some of the evaluations are dated for the 2003 timeframe in which they were performed, many are still currently quite valid.  A few of the evaluation documents contain both a “Fact Sheet” and a “Detailed Analysis” that are partially repetitive.

Click here for the Technical and Physical Feasibility Evaluations

Click here for the Economic Evaluations

Click here for the Legal Evaluations

Click here for the Social and Cultural Evaluations

Click here for the Comparison Ratings for the various alternative actions



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