Announcement – Basin Study – Next All Partners Meeting

It looks like Thursday,September 10th at 11:00 am works for the most number of people. It is our hope to hear report outs from the ad-hoc Sectoral Committee leads that we identified back in April and to also hear a modeling update from Andrew Gelderloos. 

Below is a list of the Sectoral Committees that I have been working with to help organize over the last couple of months. If you feel your organization fits within one of these, please email the leader identified. If you feel that your organization doesn’t really fit into any of these categories, let me know and we can get you started on a Sectoral Committee of your own!
Sectoral Committees:

  1. Agriculture – Anne Marken,
  2. Tribal – Jessica Tracy,
  3. Non-Profits – Paul Tashjian,
  4. Community Organizations – Thereasa Cardenas,

After August 14, you can email Emma Kelly <> for a calendar invite, agenda and virtual meeting link that we will be using.

The Water Advocates are working with the USBR and the other partners in the program. Please consider participating with the Water Advocates in this important study.  Additional help is needed – everyone has some of the skills and experience that can be valuable in the process – viewpoint advocacy, technical knowledge, writing and/or speaking proficiency, organizing ability, project management know-how, social media facility, etc. 

Send an email to so we can start a discussion of how your particular skills can best be applied.