2005 9th Annual Water Assembly

Straight Talk - Our Water is Over-Allocated

Agenda for 2005 Water Assembly

  1. Janet Jarratt, Welcome and Introduction  link to both transcripts  (178  kb)
  2. The Fundamental Problem - Over-Allocation [9:00 - 9:25]
    Janet Jarratt, President of Water Assembly   link to both transcripts (178 kb)
    Thomas Turney, former State Engineer   link to transcript  (370  kb)
  3. Pueblo Perspective [9:25 - 9:45]
    Everett Chavez, Governor of Santo Domingo Pueblo
    Chairman, Six Middle Rio Grande Pueblos Water Coalition  link to transcript  (106  kb)
  4. Impacts of Over Allocation on meeting State and Federal Obligations [9:45-10:15]
    Stephen Farris - Office of the NM Attorney General  link to transcript  (112  kb)
    Kevin Flanigan - NM Interstate Stream Commission link to transcript  (233  kb)

Break [10:15-10:30]

Impacts of Over Allocation on meeting State and Federal Obligations, con't [10:30-11:00]
Valda Terauds - US Bureau of Reclamation link to transcript   (3470  kb)
Jennifer Anne Ickes - NM Environment Department  link to transcript   (293  kb)
Jennifer Nelson - Environmental Planner, URS  link to transcript   (1070  kb)

  1. Impacts of Over Allocation on Local Government [11:00-11:45] link to transcript  (198  kb)
    David Gensler - MRG Conservancy District
    Commissioner Teresa Córdova - Bernalillo County
    Councilor Debbie O'Malley - City of Albuquerque
    Councilor Terese Ulivarri - City of Belen
  2. Impacts on Citizens' Values & Preferences [11:45-12:00]
    John Brown, NM Water Dialogue Executive Director  link to transcript   (142  kb)

Lunch [12:00-12:45]

  1. Congressional Perspective [12:45 - 1:00]
    Danny Milo with a message from Senator Jeff Bingaman (video) link to transcript  (100  kb)
  2. Impacts of Over Allocation on Citizens [1:00 - 2:00]   link to transcript  (231 kb)
    Marcia Fernandez - Neighborhood Association
    Steve Harris - Environmental Organization
    James Maestas - Irrigation Water Users Group
    John Black - Developer / Land Owner
    Steve Lucero - Farmer & Rancher
  3. Summary of the Impacts (Janet Jarratt)

Straight Action - Protect Our Future

  1. Facilitated General Discussion (Melinda Smith) [2:00 - 3:15]  link to transcript  (131 kb)

Question 1: What are the next steps the Water Assembly should take regarding the over-allocation problem?

Question 2: Where do people want to put their energies with respect to the Water Assembly during the next year?  What should the role of the WA be in the coming year?  Which working teams should continue and what actions should be done?
Ideas include:
S  interacting with government
S  working with youth
S  adding to the science
S  planning with our neighbors
S  monitoring progress

  1. Selection of Advocacy Representatives [3:15 - 3:45]
    In order to ensure a balance among interests in our deliberations, we annually select a Board of Directors with two representatives and an alternate chosen from each of six advocacy areas:
    a. Agricultural Business and Production
    b.  Cultural and Historic Water Use
    c.  Environmental Preservation & Improvement
    d.  Industrial, Institutional and Business
    e.  Residential Water Use
    f.  Technical Specialty
  2. Wrap Up & Adjourn

Assembly Details Brochure (176 kb)



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