Prescient Shadows/Persistent Hope

rousing consciousness into a pearl gray dawn,
slowly swimming into awareness
of a world sinking into depths
of human travesties
Orcas assault sides of my lifeboat
with anger, warnings
emerging from oceanic depths of decades,
centuries of human hubris
have whales sent its messengers
in desperate attempts to rescue Earthly life

clouds darkly blanket awakening sky
raven black crows raucously cry, angrily grieving
beneath now threatening sky
emitting sinister signals of increasing extinction
of feathered siblings
surrounded by fatal dangers of civilization
lyrical birdsong silenced as the chorus becomes extinct

increasing factions of the falsely favored species
recklessly wreak havoc in narrowly narcissistic attempts
to survive barreling effects of climate degradation
extreme nihilism spiraling

yet signs of buoyant visions persistently emerge
natural life no matter how ravaged and disturbed
whale songs amidst decimating hunts
heard resonating hundreds of miles through ocean depths
by submarine sonar
recognized by steward of the seas
great whale clan life found,
sonorous songs shared helping whale lives rebound
increasing behemoth help of others (including humans) seen

people, young to old, learn nature’s ways of life
acknowledging its Sacred gifts
centered in reciprocal relationship
they care for earthly home of all
humbly receiving essentials of life
respecting Divine essential water/air life cycles
for sustainability of large to smallest residents of Earth

a rainbow segment unexpectedly appeared to the west, not east
covenanting hope today
as my boat sails through life’s seas

c. Betsy Diaz 6/30/23