Advocacy Project:

The 50 Year Water Plan

This page officially entitled "50-Year Water Plan" is currenly unused.  We are keeping it, with some old text, just in case it someday becomes useful

Several members of the Water Advocates are and have been participating in the activities of the House Memorial 1 Working Group. That Group is devoted to fulfilling the request in 2017 House Memorial 1 to recommend how New Mexico’s water planning for the future should be accomplished and made effective. The Group developed a proposal, Making the Case for Change, that identified four overarching water problems that New Mexico faces and five core initiatives to address those problems. The Group prepared three bills to implement the core initiatives for consideration by the 2019 Legislature. These bills were heard in several committees but did not pass. The HM1 Working Group is currently working with OSE and ISC to discuss water planning and management strategies and gain support for future legislative sessions.

The Water Advocates’ Board determined to pursue implementing the recommendations in Making the Case for Change as a primary focus for its near-term advocacy.



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