Water Advocates' 18th Council at UNM November 10, 2018 8:30am to 2:30pm

Making the Case for Change

Too Many Promises, Too Little Water
A Call to Action!

New Mexico is faced with, but has not faced up to, important water resource limitations: downstream delivery obligations, federally mandated requirements, and state-permitted water uses and authorizations that substantially exceed sustainable supplies. Without action to address articulated problems, our current and future water supplies as well as our pocketbooks are at risk.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

8:30am – 2:30pm

UNM Dane Smith Hall, Room 125

Albuquerque, NM

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Handouts, Speaker Slides, Audio Recordings, Prepared Scripts,

and Pre-Meeting Background Documentation

Handout Documents included:   

o   Invitation Poster/Flyer
o   Advance Press Release
o   Council Agenda
o   Speaker Biographies
o   Interest Group Mission Descriptions

The Overview:

o   Introductory Slides
o   Contents Slides

  The Session:

 8:30    Welcome - Introduction to the Water Advocates 
Bob Wessely, President, Water Advocates 
audio (4.3 MB)   script (0.2 MB)

Why Change Is Needed / Why We Need to Act

8:45     We’re Getting Hotter and Dryer. and Will Continue to Do So   
Dagmar Llewellyn, Hydrologist
slides (4.0 MB)    audio (18.3 MB)

9:00     Addressing Our New Normal   
Laura Paskus, Environmental Journalist
slides (2.8 MB)    audio (14.2 MB)

9:10     Stories from the Region – Introduction to the panel, Elaine Hebard   audio
Agricultural Impacts, Marcia Fernandez, Irrigator
 audio (4.2 MB)

Neglect – Groundwater Sources Drying, Lynn Montgomery, Mayordomo
 slides (6.4 MB)    audio (5.2 MB)

Environmental Impacts, Gina Dello Russo, Riparian Ecologist
slides (1.1 MB)    audio (5.1 MB)

Recreational Impacts, Stacy Timmons, Hydrogeologist
 slides (4.5 MB)    audio (6.3 MB)

Urban Impacts, Judith Phillips, Landscape Designer
audio (4.7 MB)

9:45     The Need for Bold Leadership 
Adrian Oglesby, Director, UNM Utton Center
audio (14.4 MB)

10:00     Break

10:15     A Pueblo Perspective

Kai-T Blue-Sky  (unavailable)

10:15     The Importance o Soils in Adaptation

Jeff Goebel (last minute substitute)
audio (7.3 MB)

House Memorial 1 (2017) – The Requested Proposal for Action

 10:30    Making the Case for Change 
Theresa Cardenas and Bob Wessely, Members of the HM1 Working Group
slides (1.3 MB)   script (0.3 MB)
audio-part 1 (10.3 MB)  audio-part 2 (70.6 MB)

Making Water Planning Effective – Further Detail on Proposed Strategies

Members of the twelve-person HM1 Working Group (audio included in “audio-part 2”, above)

The Role of Water Planning, Bob Wessely   script (0.2 MB)
Hydrologic Regional Boundaries, Bob Wessely   slide (0.4 MB)    script (0.2 MB)
Water Budgets and Balances, Norm Gaume
Plan Approval and Implementation, Theresa Cardenas
AWRM and RG Compact Compliance, Norm Gaume
State, Regional, and Local Roles, Theresa Cardenas
Adequate Funding, Theresa Cardenas

11:40     Election of Water Advocates’ Board Members, Explanation 
Elaine Hebard, Vice President, Water Advocates

11:45     Lunch and Election of Water Advocates’ Board of Directors

Taking Action – Moving from Concept to Action

audio for the following Wessely, Solomon, Necochea (73.2 MB)

 12:45    Making Change: Proposed Legislation 
HM1 Proposed Legislation, Bob Wessely
slides (0.4 MB)

Complimentary Legislation, Tom Solomon
slides (4.7 MB)

Questions and Comments

1:15    Organizing Ourselves to Make Change Happen 
Virginia Necochea, Director of CESOSS
 slides (0.5 MB)    amplification of slide 4 (click the circles that appear)

2:00    Governor –Elect Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Water Plan:

An Opportunity to Make Change Happen 
Dr. John Michiner
slides (0.4 MB)   audio (15.9 MB)

Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Water Plan (0.4 MB)

2:15    Wrap-Up and Adjourn
Elaine Hebard

Background Documentation:

House Memorial 1 (2017) - Making the Case for Change:

House Memorial 1 in 2017 requested a proposal for the 2019 legislative session on how New Mexico water planning in the future should be accomplished.  The HM1 Working group developed a summary proposal document entitled Making the Case for Change.

The Water Advocates Council on November 10, 2018 will focus on presenting the concepts in that proposal document Making the Case for Change and consider how to promote some or all of those concepts.

Presentation to the New Mexico Legislature:

Making the Case for Change was presented to the New Mexico State Legislature’s Interim Committee on Water and Natural Resources in Roswell on October 2, 2018.  Following are links to the components of the presentation:

Presentation Slides

Presentation Script

Presentation Audio (big file; slow download)

The November 10 Council will identify the next steps to build the political will for legislators now to take the necessary enabling remedial actions.

Ancillary Documents:

Proposal Synopsis:  A super brief overview of the six-page proposal document Making the Case for Change, was developed.  While reading the document itself is advised, the overview is available here.

Cover Letters:  The cover letters delivering the proposal requested by 2017 House Memorial 1 to the Legislature and to the Interstate Stream Commission explain some of the development background for Making the Case for Change, identify the diverse set of participants involved, and note that selected issues have intentionally been left unaddressed.

Reviewer Comments:  Reviewer comments served to substantially improve the proposal Making the Case for Change.  The twelve-person volunteer development team requested review and comment from some thirty diverse experts from around the state.  The Comment/Response document contains over sixty reviewer comments and the development team’s responses to those comments.



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